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Z Test Testosterone Support Matrix
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Anabolic Testosterone Support

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There is a large body of scientific evidence supportive of ZMA. Zinc and Magnesium are commonly depleted from your body. Studies have shown that supplementing with 30mg of Zinc and 450mg Magnesium per day can elevate testosterone levels up to 30%!

The most talked about study is the following. Lorri Brilla, PHD, a sports performance researcher at Western Washington University, recently reported that ZMA significantly increased free testosterone levels and muscle strength in NCAA football players. These ZMA study results were presented by Dr. Brilla on June 2, 1999, at the 46th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medecine in Seattle, WA, and were published in the official ACSM journal, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Vol. 31, No. 5, May 1999.

Specifically, Brilla reported that "a group of competitive NCAA football players who tok ZMA nightly during an eight-week spring training program had 2.5 times greater muscle strength gains than a placebo group. (250% better results!) Pre and post leg strength measurements were made using a Biodex isokinetic dynamometer." The strength of the ZMA group increased by 11.6% compared to only a 4.6% increase in the placebo group.

Basically, this means that if you went up 10 pounds on your bench press in eight weeks without ZMA, you WOULD have went up 25 pounds in that same period if you had been taking ZMA.


Tribulus Terrestris is a testosterone enhancer. Studies show that it works very well when stacked with DHEA and androstenedione. It increases testosterone levels in a different way, however, than either DHEA or andro do. Instead of being a testosterone precusor, it leads to the production of the lutenizing hormone (LH). When LH levels are increased, the natural production of testoesterone also increases. LH is a hormone that also deals with sex drive. Now one can understand why it has been used to increase fertility and help impotence. Laboratory animal studies found that Tribulus terrestris increased sperm count as well as motility levels after taking it for 30 days.


NAC certainly falls in the category as one of the most underrated supplements on the sports nutrition market. Underrated because it is not as widely recognized or known in athletic circles, however; NAC is extremely effective. Now with numerous studies to lend credibility there is some serious science to back up it's potent bodybuilding potential.

The mode of action in which NAC appears to exert it's effect lies in it's ability to increase glutathione levels in the bloodstream. Glutathione is one of your body's most effective antioxidants supporting the quenching of destructive free radicals. Weight training has been shown to generate massive amounts of catabolic free radicals. It is these free radicals that catabolizes or breaks down muscle tissue.

Studies show that NAC supplementation increases blood serum glutathione levels as high as 500% in comparison to controls. It's believed that this NAC induced increase in glutathione is responsible for many of the positive influences NAC has on preserving and increasing lean body mass.

Mucana Puriens

Mucana Puriens contains the amino acid L-Dopa and has been shown to increase Testosterone and Growth Hormone Levels. L-Dopa is converted to Dopamine in the body, which inhibits the production of prolactin from the pituitary gland, which causes more testosterone to be produced.

Dopamine is also associated with growth hormone release. A study at the national institute of aging found that the administration of L-Dopa resulted in a dramatic increase in growth hormone levels.

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