Dr Oz and Tongkat Ali


Tongkat Ali Root and Dr Oz


On his March 24th television show, the Vice Chair and Professor of Medicine at Columbia University and oft published and renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Oz spoke positively about several herbal medicines, including the all-natural Tongkat Ali extract. Dr. Oz selected a member of the audience to sample Tongkat Ali Extract.

The prominent physician’s strong independent third-party endorsement has led to increased international demand for the herb, which the doctor rightfully introduced as an effective aphrodisiac. Oz mentioned that the primary source for the extract is the rain forests of Malaysia, where the medicine has been used as an all-purpose medication for centuries.

Oz, the audience participant and an expert Tongkat Ali adviser all sampled the extract in powdered form mixed with hot water to create a coffee-like mixture. In southeast Asia, Tongkat Ali has long been mixed with coffee or tea to be imbibed in liquid form. 


Oz supports alternative therapies

For those who have read Oz’s health books, the doctor’s endorsement should not be a surprise. The renowned physician has supported and advocated the use of natural herbal products and holistic remedies for more than 15 years. The support of these alternative remedies gives credence to the use of Tongkat Ali as a testosterone booster as well as a general treatment for overall health. On his show, Oz specifically mentioned the increased sex drive for men and women as a byproduct of the herbal extract.

Dr. Oz showed a compelling photograph of the 2 meter long root from a mature Eurycoma Longifolia tree from which the Tongkat Ali extract is derived. Seeing the length and width of the stout root, the viewers can only imagine the labor intensive work necessary to hand dig each vertical root for harvesting. The doctor repeatedly made it clear that the herbal extract is one of the most helpful roots for natural medicines.

“All herbs can work like medications for the human body. We have shown you true scientific reasons why they work,” said Oz. 


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