Pre Workout Special stock


It's become an underground supplement success

and It's harder and harder to get our hands on it as the main active ingredient AMP Citrate is becoming a grey area ingredient. 


Pisses me off too, cause it really makes this pre workout something special.


30 Servings per Jar


each scoop delivers 

400 mg of Amp Citrate

plus 250 mg of caffiene

plus 50 mg of Higenamine - 50 mg of Hordenine


Its also mango Strawberry and mixes quite well!

Pre Workout Special stock

Orig.: $59.99
Sale: $45.00

Pre Workout Special stock - 2 jars

Orig.: $119.99
Sale: $80.00

The best way I have discovered to take this is about 60 minutes before the workout. Once this kicks in you have stamina and energy to spare. 
Most of my clients can't believe how after they have pounded out a grueling chest or deadlift workout, they still have all this "Get Shit Done" energy. Allowing them to blast even more accessory work.
No Crash and Burn 
You don't get the over stimulated buzz that trashes your system then let's you crash at the end.
It comes in very smooth, and lasts and lasts, then you have a nice and level descent, allowing you to still sleep at night
You guys know that I'm always 100% about working on getting my hands on ingredienst and supps that really deliver. - this one does!!
It's just a matter of time
Like I said earlier the Amp Citrate is going to be tougher and tougher to get.
I never know when my next batch will be my last, one of the reasons I dont bother getting labels done, The minimum run for labels is expensive, I don't want to be stuck with 1000's of labels sitting in boxes for a product I won't be able to get. It will just make me even more mad!!
Anyway, due yourself and  your training a favor and grab a couple jars while you can, you will be glad u did!!
Keep Crushing it!

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