Fit Chair, Fit Ball Exercise Ball Chair  or Fitness Ball Chairs

Fit Chair, Fit Ball Exercise Ball Chair or Fitness Ball Chairs

All powder coated metal and chrome design

  • Strong & Sturdy
  • 3 leg adjustable height for users 5' - 6'3 ", Removable & adjustable height lumbar support
  • Unique base design grips ball for safety
  • Includes : A professional series 45cm/18 " burst resistant ball with hand pump & padded lumbar support
  • Easy assembly (5 minutes)

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The Fit chair provides an ideal base from which to perform any core exercise position and if used as a sitting chair promotes active sitting which helps to strengthen the back and core (abdominal / trunk) areas and thereby improve your posture.

Orig.: $169.99
Sale: $129.99


Fit Chair, Fit Ball Exercise Ball Chair or Fitness Ball Chairs

The ZenZu Ball Chair is unique promoting "Active Sitting". Reflecting positive use of back and core muscles. Rather than "passive sitting" which degenerates muscles and causes strain (back aches). Promotes better posture in upright sitting. Promotes constant shifting of core and back muscles for reduced strain and strengthening of muscles. Helps to take pressure off of the spine. Ideal for office, home computer and student use.


What is the theory behind sitting on an exercise ball?

-- Sitting on a relatively unstable surface requires the sitter to use muscle and position sense organs (proprioception) more actively and continuously than in a traditional seat (90 degree chair).

"Active sitting" overcomes some of the issues of muscle fatigue and circulation problems associated with sedentary positions.

The ball shape and a lower sitting height also approaches more of a "perching" position in which legs are spread further apart (abduction) allowing the low back and pelvis to be in a more balanced relationship.


Fit Chair, Fit Ball Exercise Ball Chair or Fitness Ball Chairs

Looking to set all your Staff up at work?

Volume Pricing available for 12+ and 48+ plus units

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