Hostyle Spartan Training



Hostyle Spartan Race Training

Thursdays at 8 pm

Get ready to run the most exciting 5 km race around

Training Starts

Thursday March 7th at 8 pm 


We have a new class on Thursdays at 8 pm called Hostyle Spartan Training - it's a weekly workout geared to prepare for running the Spartan 5km race June 15th 2013

In this course we take anyone running the Spartan race who wants build their

  • strength
  • core
  • endurance
  • cardio

Our goal is that every person who takes our Hostyle Spartan Training course will be able to particpate in the spartan run at a much higher level of performance.

Whether it's your first time ever running it in or your doing again for the second or 3rd time, you WILL be better prepared for race day.

We have different training fee packages available.

Hostyle Spartan Training Drop in fee
Hostyle Spartan Training Drop in fee

Pay as You Go Drop in Fee

Orig.: $50.00
Sale: $25.00

Hostyle Spartan Training 5 pak
Hostyle Spartan Training 5 pak

Buy a 5 pak punch card and save $20.00

Orig.: $125.00
Sale: $100.00

Hostyle Spartan Training 10 pak
Hostyle Spartan Training 10 pak

10 pak Punch card - Best Deal Save $100 bucks and get Hostyle Ready for Spartan!!

Orig.: $250.00
Sale: $150.00


My wish is to expose as many people to the Hostyle way of training for the spartan race as possible.

We train in small groups of 12 - 14 people to provide you with better coaching and therefore better preparation for the Race!!

So if you know of someone who could benefit from training with us, please pass this along to them.

This could be for

o             your wife or husband

o             boyfriend or girlfiend

o             family member (over 15)

o             neighbour

o             buddy

o             work colleague, or

o             yourself if u haven't trained at HOSTYLE before


If you are someone who has been following me and the training at Hostyle and haven't trained with us yet this is a great opportunity for you to take some action!