Bench Seminar


Building A Monster Bench Press


Presented by Curd Hos


Lifetime Drug Free Lifter

1999 Provincial and National Bench Champion

2008 Provincial Champion


Currently Bench 585 Raw and 675 Shirted



Discover how to increase you bench press a Minimum of 25lbs on your very next workout!


Call 613-830-9300 to register by phone or click the link below to order online

Bench Seminar Level 1 Sat May 12 1 - 4 pm
Orig.: $100.00
Sale: $75.00

This 3 hour Seminar includes:


  • Hands on Training work shop ( you’ll actually be working out)
  • Proper Training Technique
  • What assistance exercises to use
  • Determining your real 1 rep max
  • 6 week detailed training program - $75 Value
  • NeoGenixx Performance Supplement Package - $40 Value
  • Bench Freak T shirt -$20 Value




In Total a $200 total Value


$75 per person


6 Person Limit

This is Your chance to get some real one on one instruction  





I increased my Bench Press 55 lbs today!!

I benched 255 lbs at a body weight of 150!

~ Hugo

Bench Seminar Level 1 Novemeber 26th 2011 



My bench went from 315 to 350!!! in 45 minutes!!!

Now I know the real meaning of being "TIGHT!" under the bar.

~ Cam

Bench Seminar Level 1 Novemeber 26th 2011 


I added 40 lbs to my bench today!! Thx Curd!!

~ Gerrardo

Bench Seminar Level 1 Novemeber 26th 2011


I really thought this seminar Rocked!!

My bench went from 180 today I did 225

and went on to do 245 with a spot!


Bench Seminar Level 1 Novemeber 26th 2011 


I cant believe how great this seminar was!!

I have never benched so heavy!! Thx Curd

~ Pat

Bench Seminar Level 1 Novemeber 26th 2011 

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