Elbow Sleeves Canada

Hostyle Training Gear’s Elbow Sleeves were designed specifically for strength training, powerlifting and strongman.


Tested by our own lifters at our Training Facility in Canada.

Nothing else gives the support they do, yet comfortable so that they can be left on between sets.

Plus they don't stretch out over time and multiple uses.

We use the same premium materials that are in our Legendary Wrist Wraps.

Our Seamless seam technology makes it easy to slip them on no matter where the seam is on your arm.

No discomfort and no slipping down your arm  while training - giving you tremendous elbow support while allowing you full range of motion for any lift.

Elbow Sleeves
Orig.: $89.99
Sale: $54.99

·         -Sold as a pair

·         -Suitable for training and strongman events

·         -Designed to minimize the risk of injury and improve performance

·         -Prolong the health of your elbows allowing you to maintain greater workloads on your muscles to increase                  strength and power