Beta-Alanine Strategies




Enhancing and supporting beta-alanine’s ability to increase carnosine levels

Are there any methods that may increase beta-alanine’s ability to increase carnosine levels?

Yes, there are atleast two ways:


  1. A recent study showed that a group of subjects taking beta-alanine with carbohydrates increased performance gains in half the time as the group taking an equal amount of beta-alanine without carbohydrates. Carbohydrates spike insulin and one of insulin’s effects is to increase amino acid (such as beta-alanine) transport into our cells.
  2. Taking beta-alanine pre-workout and post-workout may increase the uptake of beta-alanine into our muscles. Amino acid nutrient timing studies have clearly shown when amino acids are ingested pre-workout and post-workout, their delivery and uptake into our muscles is increased. The improved uptake is largely due to increased blood flow during exercise. If you don’t find the prickling bothersome during your workouts, we suggest you take advantage of these two key windows of opportunity to maximize intramuscular beta-alanine uptake.